us2.jpg    The California Club Chabad opened its doors in 2003. The shul began in a mall, and after two years we purchased a house to serve as our shul.

     When we initially started, it was at the same time that many Jewish people were leaving Argentina due to the dire economic situation. Many Argentineans chose Florida because of huge amount of Spanish speaking people that live here, and they thus believed they would better integrate in Florida as opposed to the other states. Tens of families came with a few thousand dollars in their pockets, the clothes on their backs and with a dream to start anew. This is where the California Club came in. We began serving Friday night dinners to anyone who needed a place to go. Hundreds of people poured through our doors weekly, and had a place to call home. Rabbi Halsband, who is himself a native from Argentina, helped these people through his common language and knowledge of their culture. The shul then started offering help with job placements, food, clothing and furniture. We also helped anyone who needed medical assistance- free of charge.  Although a few years have passed and we are proud to say that many people have now settled down in Florida, the need to help a fellow Jew is still there, and we continue to assist all Jews, regardless of their affiliation. We know that we are unique in the fact that we make everyone feel like they have entered their home, when they come to our shul. 

 Our shul offers the following:

*weekly and daily services, using both Hebrew, English and Spanish prayer books

*Free Shabbat meals to ANYONE who needs a place to go, or who just wants to feel part of a warm community

*assistance with food, clothing, furniture, and deeply discounted medical help

*torah classes for men and women in both Spanish & English

*family parties for all the major Jewish Holidays

*marriage counseling

*hospital visits

*funeral services and much more!!

We are here to service you, body & soul, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

We look forward to greeting you at our Chabad House centrally located in the California Club!


Rabbi Shloime & Feigie Halsband